Children’s stories help dogs relax

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A kennel in Missouri in the United States has found a new way to comfort its dogs and help children learn to read all at the same time.

Kids aged 6 to 15 years have set to work at the kennel, practicing their reading in the company of their new puppy pals, to help them feel less anxious.

Dogs in the shelter can sometimes be shy around people, so by getting children to read to them, kennel staff hope the dogs will be happier in the company of humans.

The children all get training to help them understand the dog’s body language, to know how he/she is feeling.

When the dogs come forward, they can reward them with treats.

The dogs are getting more confident, thanks to their new friends. And it is a great way to practice reading too!

Humane education is teaching children to care for the animals that share our world – both in our homes and in our communities. It is about fostering attitudes of respect, responsibility and kindness – for animals and people alike! Its fundamental purpose is to make the world a better place for all living creatures including dogs.

Well done on this great initiative, dogs and puppies enjoy feeling included in activities which is well demonstrated here – with some furry fun for kids.

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