☀Who Are We ?

Emmanuelle is the founder of EmmanuelleChaix. She has had a lifetime passion for animals. She has strong experience of working with dogs professionally including guide dogs. Emmanuelle also has an interest in horses and their temperament. Her experience is reflected in the activities she runs and includes an array of expert advice having worked with a wide range … Continue reading ☀Who Are We ?

Contact Us

It’s easy – enquire here regarding scheduling your dog/s Complete and Submit at the bottom👇 T&C (Terms and Conditions) only apply once the booking arrangements have been agreed © EmmanuelleChaix . Your Dog and Puppy first

Rupert, the Miniature long-haired Dachshund, during his dog Day Care

Our Dogs’ Social Networking

Follow some of our dogs’ social media updates and networking ! Our EmmanuelleChaix Facebook can be accessed here, please check some of our dogs’ social media, including the following ! Our EmmanuelleChaix Facebook Our EmmanuelleChaix Instagram Twitter Our EmmanuelleChaix YouTube/videos Hit the Follow button on our website to subscribe to EmmanuelleChaix’ dog blog, news, facts – you can … Continue reading Our Dogs’ Social Networking

Dog Walking and Exercise

EmmanuelleChaix is the crème de la crème for dog walking and exercise We ensure your dog and puppy have the best experience We pick-up your dog from your home or workplace on the days your dog needs a walk and on an ongoing basis. We provide mainly a one-on-one service – note this is not … Continue reading Dog Walking and Exercise

Max, the Weimaraner, and Millie, the French Bulldog, during a Professional dog Photography shot

Dog Day Care

We pick-up your dog from your home or workplace as needed Time outdoors is in place for fresh air and exercise The care provided enables your dog to relax and develop a bond with the Team Day Care includes time at home/your address to rest alone during the course of the day as required We make sure  we … Continue reading Dog Day Care


Dog Stay-and-Care/boarding

Your dog/s stays with us whilst you are away, for the duration of your choice We are happy to help We want your dog/s to have the best time Make Contact © EmmanuelleChaix . Your Dog and Puppy first

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  1. NK says:

    thank you so much emmanuelleChaix!!! For making the time to take our puppy out on a short notice, and he came back home extremely happy and rested! Tired dog is a happy dog 🙂 I feel comforted by your services and my good friend has recommended me to you.

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