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Emmanuelle ChaixEmmanuelleChaix is a best London dog company.

We provide top dog walking, dog day caredog trainingdog grooming, dog photography, and dog filming services for Kensington and Chelsea and London overall. EmmanuelleChaix Logo


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We provide an initial assessment & evaluation of your dog’s behaviours to best fit with the day-to-day interactions. Free up your time and get the best lifestyle for your dog.                                                               Our Dog blog, news, short facts

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EmmanuelleChaix is the crème de la crème for dog walking and exercise. From tailored one-to-one sessions, to group social dog outings, pack walks, socialisation walks, and countryside walks, your dog gets the most out of each walk. He/she shares fun times with the best London dog walkers and dog minders. We can combine dog Walking with dog Day care, we tailor for all dog ages, dog sizes, and dog health conditions including dogs with injuries and dogs in rehabilitation. The dog Running/sporty service enables your dog to release his/her energy levels

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From picking-up and dropping-off your dog from/to your home or workplace, to exciting times outdoors, developing a bond with the team, feeding as needed, creative activities, and resting!  We welcome dogs and puppies of all ages, pedigree, mixed breed, and rescued dogs – View a short video

Dog Training and Puppy CareDog portrait   Book Now

Enquire and book your Puppy and adult dog training classes and coaching through the Booking and Contact form. We discuss what you would like to achieve and guide you step-by-step through a one-on-one structured training programme using dog obedience techniques, as well as clicker training. We also provide puppy care and puppy visits

Dog GroomingDog grooming   Book Now

We provide a stress free mobile dog grooming, dog nail clipping, and dog hygiene service. It is a personal and caring service, only one dog is groomed at the time. Your dog will feel and look amazing for just about all occasions


Dog Photography and Dog Filming   Book Now

We provide innovative imaging and films from our talented photographers:

  1. Dog photo shoots
  2. Dog portrait studio photography
  3. Dog portfolio builder for TV or personal use
  4. Fashion shoots with dogs
  5. Photo shoots with dogs for magazines
  6. Dog creative filming
  7. Dog film and dog video casting


EmmanuelleChaix works closely with a Dog veterinariannetwork of veterinary practices and clinics in London who supports our work and activities with the dogs we care for

We believe that treating all dogs as our own is key to our small London dog business. To deliver the best, the initial assessment and evaluation allow us to determine the best care plan for your dog and you, to suit your lifestyle

Informed level of practice and care

EmmanuelleChaix provides an informed level of practice and care with one point of contact

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Puppy sittingWe cover all parts of London on request, including Kensington and Chelsea, Holland Park, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, Fulham, Chiswick, Knightsbridge, Notting Hill

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