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Dog Training UK – EmmanuelleChaix offer DOG TRAINING HOME VISITS provided by professional dog behaviourists and dog trainers in your area.

Founder of Dog Training UK – EmmanuelleChaix, Emmanuelle has had a lifetime passion for animals. She has strong experience of working with dogs professionally including guide dogs, and her dog is also a qualified Therapy Dog. Emmanuelle also has an interest in horses and their temperament. Her experience is reflected in the activities Dog Training UK – EmmanuelleChaix run and includes an array of expert advice having worked with a wide range of high-profile leaders across the health, medical, scientific research sectors, the MHRA, and dog behaviourists – she has contributed to a number of health projects and programmes at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), Imperial College London (ICL), the World Health Organization (WHO), the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, l’Ecole Nationale des Services Veterinaires (ENSV), the Zoological Society of London (ZSL)

☀We specialise in all dog and puppy services including dog Training & Stay-and-Care/boarding, Professional Photography/Filming, Grooming and Diet

☀We do our best against against animal cruelty, we use non-animal based diets for dogs in training and during their Stay-and-Care boarding

All dog care services are developed to create a top experience for happy dogs, essential for their ultimate wellbeing, to meet their personality and their overall energy levels

Only positive reinforcement is used to strengthen good and desired behaviours

Dog Training UK – EmmanuelleChaix work closely with a network of veterinary professionals who supports our activities across London, the country, and further afield

Canine care is provided enabling a positive and stimulating experience which your dog should look forward to

Photography and filming are offered to meet your personal and professional requirements if you wish so – from your dog photo shoots for amazing pictures, to fashion magazine shoots, to film and video casting

We provide recommendations for the best pet toys, dog toys to stimulate your dog and puppy’s appetite for games and play times. Ask us

You may also purchase dog accessories and selected treats for all dog breeds, ages and purposes

☀Dog Training UK – EmmanuelleChaix is much more than training and going for a walk, it is about caring for the welfare of your dog. We work closely with a number of vets and the Blue Cross. We are happy to refer you based on your dog’s needs being assessed. We are happy to tailor training programmes for you and your dog. If you are struggling to know where to start with your dog or puppy, the Blue Cross is also a great charity and it offers affordable services, rehabilitation, treatment and guidance under a specific criteria. We are happy to refer you and your dog, as a first step towards a healthy and rewarding lifestyle, let us know

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