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Thank you very much EmmanuelleChaix, I wish you a very good and happy New Year

B. Al Tamimi

EmmanuelleChaix has professional, inspiring trainers who have amazing control and friendly interactions with the dogs, as if they are your favourite primary school teachers at school managing all kinds of challenges with dogs with expert knowledge. They have taught me so much about dogs.

S. P.

Met & really liked.

Cassie W.

My two dogs looked extremely happy and healthy after spending a few days with EmmanuelleChaix. They obviously know and love dogs and they were a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend them.

Ana P

You are the sweetest

Michelle P

Many Thanks again

R T.

Fantastic service which you and your dog will love. Flexible and customised to your needs. Reliable, knowledgable, trustworthy and very professional staff. Best company of its type in London.

L. L.

Thank you very much!


Reputable walker we can trust

V. H.

It was so lovely meeting you the other day – warms my heart how happy Winnie was to see you


You were recommended by a Dog Sitter called Tash. She is aware that both Penny and Sweet Pea are both fearful in general. When I spoke to you, you showed great understanding and sensitivity towards the issues both dogs face. As you have also rescued dogs you are knowledgeable about fears and dog psychology. Your … Continue reading A. Lemos

A. Lemos

We use EmmanuelleChaix for our clients dog care while away and they have always given us great feedback. We can heartily recommend them. Top marks!!!

A. B.

Thank you so much EmmanuelleChaix

R. R.

EmmanuelleChaix are 100% reliable and very professional. They always reply very fast to emails and my French Bulldog Lola love them very much. I can highly recommend their services.

Charlotte T.

I would like to send EmmanuelleChaix a huge THANK YOU for the excellent care provided for Mocca & Evie while we were away in NYC. Mocca & Evie throughly enjoyed their time, they came home very content. I was always updated with emails & pics which made me relaxed knowing they were happy and safe! … Continue reading S. A.-N.

S. A.-N.

Just another big thank you 5 days after our session/Puppy Training. The little lady is almost there with the house training and the crying has stopped! You were invaluable. 😃 😃


A large variety of services, including behavior training, which Ada is in need of.

Winnie M.

EmmanuelleChaix look after my dog Millie, Millie can be a problem with people and dogs she doesn’t like but EmmanuelleChaix work around this. They are always able to accommodate changes to her schedule.


Our dog is obviously learning a lot and making progress! Thank you very much for your kind guidance!

Akihiro S.

They offer a personal service so Luigi will feel more comfortable. He is dropped off and picked up from home. Luigi benefits from routine and therefore this doggy day care seems right for him.


Has good ratings and is near me.

Odette D.

Recommended by a colleague.


Thank you again 🙂

E. Driver

So great to see you and all the dogs having a great time, keep up the fantastic work!

K. Yeo

What a good website.I have been in dogs for nearly 50 years.


Thank you

Andrew D.

Thank you so much again for accommodating. 

Viviana A

I was very impressed with your professional demeanour and hope we will be able to use your services in the future or at the very least recommend it to friends.

Mia M. H.

I relied on the services of EmmanuelleChaix in October and November for my West Highland White Terrier Brus prior to us moving to France and I do not know what I would have done without them. I met EmmanuelleChaix through a friend who relied on their services for his dog and who highly recommended them. … Continue reading Bassam A. T.

Bassam A. T.

Thanks everyone. I think he is really enjoying the walks as well – such a happy little nugget!

M. Preusch

Ranges of services

Vanessa H.

Fantastic, thank you so much.

A. D.

I am so happy that Myra is staying with you and in your care. Thank you for taking care of her

Anitya B.

Thanks again

R. T.

Recommendation from Morgan B.

Jamie L. W.

Thanks again for looking after her☺


Recommended by the vet

Emma D.

Dogs are so happy to go on a walk.


Transformational Training.

T. W.

Very good dog trainer, helping us to achieve our aim every session. I didn’t have hope about to change my dog behavior, but now I can see the big progress since we met first time. Big thanks to EmmanuelleChaix for their help and support.

Diana B.

Thank you for your help so far.

H. Zhang

EmmanuelleChaix was a great help! I want to get a dog and needed to see how my cat would behave with a dog. EmmanuelleChaix came over with one of their dog and guided me through the whole process. Thanks to EmmanuelleChaix my cat reacted very well and now I can proceed with adopting a dog. … Continue reading N. K.

N. K.

Very good first meeting and professional.

Charlotte F.

Excellent company, your dogs will love being taken care of by EmmanuelleChaix. They are knowledgeable and extremely professional. I would recommend them to anyone.

K. Y.

Thank you so much for looking after my fur babies!!

Stacey A.-N.

EmmanuelleChaix look after my Dog on a regular basis and I’m very pleased with the service. I tried a few more companies before them but I have found this one to be the best. I feel that they care, and my Dog is always very happy when the walkers turn up. There has also been … Continue reading The Wooden House Live Sessions

The Wooden House Live Sessions

Offer training & companionship that I’m looking for for my new puppy


EmmanuelChaix are probably one of the most expert companies when it comes to dog related mattersTheir attention to detail and the care for every individual clients needs are very apparent. I could not recommend them highly enough you are most certainly in the very best of hands.

Happy Cat Coffee

Hello EmmanuelleChaix, My name is Michael and I am friends with Bessam and Brus. I have an 11 year old Manchester Terrior, who has always been a problematic dog since I rescued him at age one .He is very territorial and barks at visitors. I thought I would have one final go at trying to … Continue reading MICHAEL B.


I was really pleased how much progress I managed to make (Training).

T. Watkin

Consistently helpful, reliable and very flexible – Ziggy is very happy.

C. F.

My two dogs looked extremely happy and healthy after spending a few days with EmmanuelleChaix. They obviously know and love dogs and they were a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend them.

Ana P.

Thanks EmmanuelleChaix, we are really happy with the progress and do see the improvements day to day

A. D. Cruz

Ease of contact

Lauranne H.

Thank you very much and have a nice weekend


I recommend EmmanuelleChaix for dog training services A++EmmanuelleChaix was a big help in training my little Dachshund puppy and gave lots of handy tips and tricks.

Aytan M.

Extremely professional service always showing true passion and care for your dog’s needs and development. Trusted, honest and reliable dog carers. Best comprehensive dog care company around.

L. L.

I very much like your principles and ethos. The dogs all look wonderful too!

Lianne D.

Thank you again so much for yesterday/Puppy Training, I finally got my first nights sleep and the crying has definitely calmed down! … with the practice… she managed to make it through the night. You taught me so much in such a short amount of time and I’ll be recommending you, she loved meeting you … Continue reading E. D.

E. D.

EmmanuelleChaix has been walking my dog on a regular basis for nearly two years now. During that time they have always been reliable and offer a highly professional service.

R. S.

a real find….

Rosemary S.

Had a wonderful 1 to 1 puppy training session, EmmanuelleChaix were incredible patient and knowledgeable about everything puppy related. They gave me reassurance we were on the right track, and gave me some brilliant tips that helped my rescue puppy to settle in quickly. It was paw-some and we would definitely recommend them to anyone … Continue reading E D


 Honestly, thank you for all you mentorship ))

James T.

Whisky clearly adores hanging out with EmmanuelleChaix


Great thank you so much


Quite popular in our area.

Morgan B.

It was a real pleasure speaking with you and I thank you for your positive and encouraging words.

Angela L.

That is making our lives so much easier.


We really want you to continue looking after Max

T. K.

Thank you EmmanuelleChaix for the past 6 months and more to come this year – Ziggy has adapted very well to day care and seems very happy. I am trying out some new training tips we discussed recently to help with pulling on the lead and random barking at some dogs or people… Charlotte and … Continue reading C. Findlay

C. Findlay

Professional website; seemingly great experience.

Susan C.

Your genuine care really shone through.


Good reference from vet

Alastair H.

I’ve volunteered with EmmanuelleChaix for years and she’s also helped me with my dog! She’s super knowledgeable and dedicated, loves dogs so much and knows exactly how to train them into well-mannered happy dogs! Cannot recommend her enough. x

Ramona R.

The sessions (Training) are super helpful !!!!

Charlotte F.

Thank you so much!

M. P.

Great and lovely business by most beautiful and sexy woman. Supportive !

Izzie Y.

Thank you so much… for taking care of Georgie over the holidays, and for the sweet note you left us.

V. Alonso

Happy New Year to you

Katie Y.

Happy New Year EmmanuelleChaix


We have been using EmmanuelleChaix for over a year and love them so much! I trust them with our dog who is more like a son, and our home implicitly. Thank you for the amazing service.


We have grown very comfortable with EmmanuelleChaix

E. L. F.

Yes, please!

O. K.

Very thorough and organized


Many thanks

A. Doughty

Great reviews and in our neighborhood.


Thank you very much for your great work!

Olena K.

Thanks again!

V. A.

We had a good experience via the boarding service for our first dog, Silver, last summer so we decided to have your professional Training for our new puppy this time.

A. Sakurai

It is very straight forward and the guys know what they are doing.

A. L.

So great


We informed that our dog is very shy and gentle prior to the pickups for the boarding service and then EmmanuelleChaix stopped by our house to pick him up accompanied by a well trained and gentle dog so our dog seemed to be able to go to the boarding service with an easy mind. Also … Continue reading Tomoko S.

Tomoko S.

I feel very confident with your service. I will leave you my dog again soon. Great site too. Congratulations!

Alexis D.

We are really excited to use your service!

M. P.

Thanks again – hope all goes well today!


Thank you so much  😁 


We are having a Puppy Care and Socialization Program for a new member of our family, Belle who is a 4 months old girl Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. EmmanuelleChaix are very good dog trainers and we have a lot of things to learn from them. Belle is still learning and developing but she is obviously … Continue reading T. Sakurai

T. Sakurai

Very nice posts. Ӏ just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention tҺat Ι’ve really loved browsing your blog posts. I will be subscribing on your rss feed аnd I am hoping you writе oncе more very soon!




We got a very good recommendation

Juan A.

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    Extremely professional service always showing true passion and care for your dog’s needs and development. Trusted, honest and reliable with qualified dog carers. Best comprehensive dog care company around.

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