All Things Canine Conference Speakers

The Conference covers three days speakers near Oxford, including all of the below listed topics

It includes demonstrations, some participation, with delicious lunches each day and refreshments all day too! The cost is usually around £240/to be confirmed

You can attend with your dog or by yourself

There will be some social evening events planned

Spaces are limited

1.5 hours   

Puppies, and the importance of getting it right at the beginning’

Creating the right relationship fro  the start with the right advice & guidance. Build the right relationship based on trust and balance for you and for your dog

1 hour

‘Canine Shiatsu: acupressure therapy for your dog’s health and wellbeing’

Shiatsu is based on the Chinese Meridian System and uses finger pressure on the acupuncture points. Shiatsu can aid your dog’s recovery, give pain relief, promote healing, aid a better quality of life into old age, and aim to balance emotional or anxiety issues

2.5 hours

Building a bond with retrieving’

In this session, it will be explained how retrieving helps build a relationship with a dog. Delegates will be encouraged to do retrieves with their dogs in this presentation. We will work on ways of improving the retrieve and how problems can be minimised and overcome. The aim is to show the approaches to building a strong relationship and ‘want to’ in a dog, by including retrieve training and exercises in the training programme. Training, exercise, relationship, reward and fun – Retrieving. Make a training session pleasurable with retrieving and also develop the foundation for a working and competition dog

1.5 hours 

The client factor’

After running a successful international business and now using many of the same techniques to develop a profitable dog training business, the talk is about winning and maintaining valuable clients using a modest budget

0.5 hour 

The Koehler method of dog training, myths and facts’

An overview of the method from a trainer’s perspective. Is it suitable for one to one training, group training or board and train. Find out how it stacks up against more recently developed methods

I hour


A typical socialisation class will be demonstrated at the conference. No two classes are ever the same as it depends entirely on the quantity and mix of dogs on the day. After the demonstration an open discussion will take place, going over what happened in the class

1 hour

Protectors and companions’

An insight into the world of protection dog training. Ever wondered how dogs are selected, trained, tested and qualified as personal protection dogs? Or interested in what it would be like to live with a high drive protection dog? The speaker lives with a pack of five high drive protection dogs all fully trained in personal protection, and also uniquely have assisted in the behavioural rehabilitation of over a hundred dogs staying with him on board and train programmes. In this session you will discover how puppies are selected and trained through to adulthood to be safe, sociable and capable personal bodyguards!

0.5 hour 

Pack walking and understanding pack behaviour’

The speaker explains the importance of rules and boundaries when walking a large pack of dogs, and how he assesses and integrates a new dog into his pack. He will also discuss pack behaviour, and how dogs instinctively understand what it means to be a member of a close-knit social group

1.5 hours 

‘Stress recognition and fairness of punishment’

Learn to recognise signals of stress within your dog and train fairly. The objective of punishment, how and when to punish, the benefits of indirect/direct punishment

1 hour

‘Healing and communication with dogs’

Hear how the speaker heals and communicates with dogs, and learn how to find the still point within yourself so you can ‘hear’ what your four legged friend is thinking and feeling

1 hour

‘The ups and downs of working at a rescue’

An insight into some of the highs, lows, biggest challenges, learnings and ethical conundrums in rescue, from both the canine and human perspectives. The theory of running a ‘good’ rescue can seem simple; the reality is it isn’t!

1.5 hours

Getting your dog on track’

Why teach a dog to track? How to start tracking with your dog. Tracking and trailing, practical uses of a dog’s aptitude. Man hunting. The ultimate quarry


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