My dog’s Smiling!😻

Some dogs exhibit a grin-like behaviour towards humans as if smiling, with their lips retracted vertically and horizontally exposing the teeth. Keep an eye for this. Your dog is smiling! EmmanuelleChaix’ Website:⚡⚡ ☀️ EmmanuelleChaix’ Instagram:⚡emmanuellechaixdogs ⚡ ♦️⭕✴ Our Facebook to follow:⚡EmmanuelleChaixDogs ⚡ ⬛️ To subscribe to EmmanuelleChaix’ YouTube:⚡EmmanuelleChaix ⚡ ♦️⭕ ♦️️♦️ Our Twitter to follow:⚡chaixemmanuelle … Continue reading My dog’s Smiling!😻

🐻Our dogs’ eyes

An entire word can be found in the eyes of a dog. 🐻🐻   Our website to Contact us / subscribe: Make Contact      ⚡ ⚡     ♦️🌐⭕  EmmanuelleChaix’ Instagram: ⚡ emmanuellechaixdogs ⚡ ♦️🌐⭕  Our YouTube to subscribe 🐺: ⚡ EmmanuelleChaix ⚡ ♦️🌐⭕ ♦️♦️  Ou' Facebook to follow: EmmanuelleChaixDogs ⚡ 🔴🔷⬛️🔆  Our Twitter to follow:  ⚡ chaixemmanuelle⚡ ♦️♦️⭕ Courtesy of Liza, thank … Continue reading 🐻Our dogs’ eyes

☀ Socrates, Satre, Sinatra and Maltese Happy!! 🐾 Happy, All The Time🐶

- Content and Marketing Coordinator, Press Office at EmmanuelleChaix To Be Is To Do - Socrates 🍃 To Do Is To Be - Sartre To Be Do Be Do - Sinatra  😇 Check our social media regularly as we update them, here is our Instagram emmanuellechaixdogs for our Clients!! See you soon, and here is Maltese … Continue reading ☀ Socrates, Satre, Sinatra and Maltese Happy!! 🐾 Happy, All The Time🐶

E. D.

Thank you again so much for yesterday/Puppy Training, I finally got my first nights sleep and the crying has definitely calmed down! ... with the practice... she managed to make it through the night. You taught me so much in such a short amount of time and I’ll be recommending you, she loved meeting you … Continue reading E. D.