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Ex police dog Handler/Trainer Paul is leading this one day course, providing practical skills and guidance to help owners and dogs progress their training and obedience. He has been training dogs most of his life, and now retired, he spends his days dog training and helping owners with a wide variety of problems. He is a very experienced, down to earth trainer with a very flexible approach to training, and has a wonderful ability to tailor his training to the individual needs of dogs and owners in a relaxed and fun way

Topics covered include:

*Lead walking/walking to heel
*Off lead recall (with/without distractions)
*Addressing possessive behaviour towards people, food and toys
*Unwanted barking/jumping up at people
*Basic manners – gates/crates and cars

The course helps owners effectively use treats, and toy rewards
There are a variety of methods used, including:

*Marker Training
*Leads and long lines
*Understanding “Luring”; reward delivery timing and placement
*The use of “Place boards or mats” to aid training
*Establishing drive and control
*Progression of duration of learnt behaviour such as sit or down
*Whistles and commands
*Teaching your dog ‘Yes’ or ‘No’

It must be understood that in one day owners cannot expect to resolve all problems, but will learn how to train and improve control of their dog
Dogs must be over 6 months old to attend, and be up to date with vaccinations
No dogs in season
This is a small workshop with a maximum of 8 participants
Excellent value at a cost of usually £75/to be confirmed to include a delicious lunch and refreshments!
One dog place per owner. Partner or spectator places usually £40/to be confirmed
We look forward to seeing you!

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