Is your dog happily barking?

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We know that dogs need to exercise, eat a balanced diet, express themselves through body language, and sometimes they also need vocalise their message! Just like we do when we communicate, most of us use our voice.

Reasons for barking differ quite a bit, here are some:

  • Warning
  • Protect the household and you
  • Anxiety
  • Happiness and contentment
  • General enthusiasm and excitement

When you are able to identify the reason for the barking, it should be easier to anticipate if it will stop and how to deal with it.


However if your dog is barking away, reasons could be:

  • Boredness
  • Lack of stimulation
  • Challenge seeking

There are of course remedies to encourage your dog to lower his/her tones and to show his/her state of mind, here are a few ideas:

  • Always keep calm and watch your tone of voice, dogs are sensitive
  • When the cause is external, for example the postman coming by, remove your dog from the situation to avoid giving him/her the opportunity to carry on his/her barking behaviour
  • Avoid paying attention to your dog when he/she is barking as he/she is more likely to get bored when he/she is being ignored. Of course you can then reward him/her when the barking stops
  • Reassuring your dog is crucial when you feel he/she dog might be confused about a situation, for example with other dogs. Praise him/her with a reward and build up on it
  • Change the focus for the barking to a positive environment where barking is not expected, for example asking your dog to lie down on his/her bed where you can reward him/her
  • Allow your dog to vocalise his/her feelings and to actually ‘speak it out’ by enabling your dog to bark on command, for example when someone is ringing the doorbell. Introduce the command for stopping the barking, your dog will react to both as he/she is being allowed to bark under your instruction
  • Always remember – your dog needs to exercise and eat a balanced diet including the correct amount of nutritious ingredients and plenty of water
  • Finally encourage your dog slowly but surely, the outcome will last and your dog will be in a happier place ☀  ⚡

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