☀Dog Training, Puppy Care & Socialisation

French Bulldog

We discuss what you would like to achieve

We assess and evaluate your dog’s behaviours

We provide Puppy Care and puppy visits for the early stages

We offer one-on-one puppy school including Puppy Socialisation

We use tailored dog and puppy training, dog obedience techniques, as well as clicker training to train your dog and puppy

We only use positive reinforcement training methods

You choose from an initial training get-together to a series of training sessions to reinforce what you and your dog have learned

The programmes are adaptable to identify the gaps and the strengths to focus on – your dog will get a bespoke activity calendar to practice

We schedule one-on-one structured training with you and your dog

You develop a strong bond and better communication with your dog

We also encourage dog agility building

We guide you step-by-step

EmmanuelleChaix provides coaching and follow-up dog training sessions

You feel more in control that you are able to communicate with your dog

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