Your Dog’s Nose and Feelings

– Content and Marketing Coordinator, Press Office at EmmanuelleChaix

Smell is much stronger in your dog than our sense of smell. But do you know that your dog can sense the love you are emitting and be attracted by your positive energy? This means that by sharing positive times around your dog, he/she will feel content, loved and truly balanced.

We have the same emotional brain structures as dogs have. These include the hormone oxytocin which is associated with love and affection. The mind might not be as developed as ours in adulthood, but your dog development phases happen much faster. Their full emotional range is usually reached by the time they are six months old. Their ability to feel emotions are similar to a toddler’s, mainly feeling a state of happiness, excitement, fear, distress, anger, disgust, love and affection.

Fear and guilt are two different emotions, for example your dog feels fear when he/she knows he/she should not have peed indoors, the feeling of guilt does not happen. It is the fear of being reprimanded that your dog feels.

When you are taking him/her to the vet for a regular visit, he/she can sense that they can trust you because you care about their welfare and wellbeing. That feeling of love and affection becomes particularly important in these moments ☀  ⚡

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