Bath time

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Everyone likes to look and feel their best. Pets also! They will feel confident when socialising with other dogs and around you.

There are a few things we should remember before arranging bathing your dog. Firstly bathing can also be bad as it can dry out their skin and remove good oils. It will also affect the quality of their coat’s insulation. He/she will then feels like scratching. So think whether he/she needs a bath because he/she has been running around in mud for example.  You can also brush your dog, this is a good way to keep him/her at their best.

For puppies, if he/she is still young, it might be best to wait until five weeks before his/her first bath time.

Lastly, remember that many dogs can find the bathing experience stressful. Be gentle, don’t rush and try and create a safe environment for him/her ☀  ⚡

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