Freddie the English Springer Spaniel’s update

Freddie is a handsome brown and white English Springer Spaniel.

We went to Bishop’s Park which is along Fulham Palace Road next to Fulham Football Stadium. The park is very scenic with a big playing field, a large pond with a water feature , wildlife and a long stretch of grass behind with bushes on either side. The park also runs alongside the river.

We walked along the park and up to the stretch of grass and Freddie was very excited to play. We played fetch with the ball which he enjoyed and at times it seems he wanted to keep the ball!

We then went for a walk along the riverside of the park. Freddie was comfortable and we walked out of the park and along the pavement to the other entrance to the park.

We then walked back to Freddie’s house where he swiftly went for a lay down before coming for some belly rubs! It seems he enjoyed his time out.

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Freddie the English Springer Spaniel outdoors

© EmmanuelleChaix

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