Follow Bafo, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Rusty, the crossbreed Chihuahua/Chinese, for their dog Day Care!

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Bafo, the handsome full male Staffordshire Bull Terrier, couldn’t wait to get outside and go and have fun.

We went to collect Rusty, the crossbreed Chihuahua/Chinese, at the bus stop, he looked relaxed and pleased to see us!

Bafo and Rusty played happily in Ravenscourt Park. They enjoyed it immensely, running around playing with toys.

Rusty really came out of his shell today, he had a hyper few minutes running around with a stick nearly as big as him!!

They both greeted all the new dogs coming near them . After the park, we went by the river and back up to Shepherd’s Bush Road.

It ended up being a lovely sunny day and both Bafo and Rusty enjoyed their dog Day Care again today!

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