Puppy love?

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Your dog feels content and more settled when he/she knows they have accomplished something. They also feel down when someone or another dog they know has passed away.

It is important to show love to your dog and puppy to create joy and happiness in your dog’s life. His/her emotions are however quite different to ours and they only express real feelings. When they demonstrate love and happiness towards you, other dogs, or other animals, it is a genuine feeling of bliss.

The puppy love that your dog feels and demonstrates is the perfect way to develop a strong bond and trust between you and him/her, as well as your household and other pets. It can also facilitate socialising and the ability to read body language in other dogs.

Don’t we all appreciate the good natured, kind, friendly, and positive feeling from our dog when returning from work, this is something special to cherish in your dog and puppy.

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