Demand for designer dogs fuelling puppy farms

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Leading United Kingdom animal welfare charity the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSCPA) has announced there has been an influx of fashionable dog breeds and ‘designer’ crossbreeds at its centres across the United Kingdom. These puppy farms are not country farms, they are centres where dogs are exploited for business regardless of the dog’s welfare and wellbeing.

The trend reflects an increasing demand for specific breeds.

In a press release, the charity explained popular pedigree breeds, publicised by celebrities and made famous by a new trend of Instagram dogs, are also on the up.

The total number of dogs arriving at RSPCA centres has fallen in the last three years but the charity is concerned with a rise in the number of fashionable crossbreeds arriving.

The charity is also seeing a rise in other breeds of dogs, such as Dogues de Bordeaux and husky-types, as people buy dogs based on popular culture trends such as the Twilight films and Game of Thrones series.

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