Can my dog catch my cold?

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When your dog is not able to fight bacteria, germs and viruses around him/her, like us, he/she catches a cold. This is because his/her immune system is not strong enough to fight back at this moment in time.

Your dog might also not be at his/her best due to his/her body’s overall wellbeing. Make sure his/her diet is the right one, get advice and guidance if needed.

The symptoms are sneezing, runny and stuffy nose, coughing, loss of appetite, lethargy, watery eyes, respiratory infection, just like us.

Your dog doesn’t have natural immunity to the flu virus so this means that canine flu can be easily transmitted between dogs. If your dog is infected he/she can pass it to another dog through respiratory secretions such as sneezing and panting for example, which dogs have the tendency to do as they use their nose and mouth a lot. It is also possible for the virus to spread through canine contact with contaminated toys and objects, and by people moving between infected and uninfected dogs.

Your dog can only catch dog colds, and we humans only catch human colds. It might be that the whole household including your dog feels fluish at the same time, but this is just coincidence. Your dog cannot get a cold from you, one less thing to worry about!

Even when your dog has been vaccinated he/she should be kept away from people, objects, and dogs that have come into direct contact with the virus.

Take him/her to your vet if he/she becomes sick and unwell. Follow the advice and treatment until full recovery. Take care of him/her, look after him/her patiently and surrounding him/her with much care and attention. He/she will be back to his/her own self in no time ☀ ⚡

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