Can dogs climb trees?

– Content and Marketing Coordinator, Press Office at EmmanuelleChaix

There is a dog, usually with amazing bleu ‘cracked glass’ eyes and a peculiar mishmash short and thick coat in a solid, black, white, merle and tan pattern, who is capable of climbing trees. This is a dog with a sixth sense called the Catahoula Leopard. Outdoors, his/her leopard-spot pattern blends with perfection with surroundings.  

The Cattahoula Leopard is a very muscled dog. He/she weighs in average 25-36 kilograms.

He/she is usually territorial and protective of his/her home, he/she is also playful and assertive with his/her owners, and gets along well with children if he/she is raised with them. The Cattahoula Leopard is dominant and tends to serve as pack leader.

He/she became highly versatile adjusting to settings and with the ability to climb trees, he/she also developed webbed feet for great swimming. The Cattahoula Leopard has an extremely high intelligence, he/she is a fascinating dog ☀ ⚡

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