The Labrador

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The Labrador is one of the easiest, most patient, most loyal, affectionate and kindest breed in the world.

He/she is used for retrieving games, for assisting people for example the blind community, and as a sniffer dog for example at airports with the police. The Labrador is just eager and willing to please people, he/she is highly intelligent and reliable, he/she is among the best for service dog jobs. He/she enjoys human leadership and often enjoys being trained, he/she also has a strong need to feel he/she belongs as part of the family.

The Lab is always up for playing and swimming in water. He/she loves being out and about being lively, sometimes however he/she can be shy with new people.

The Labrador Retriever is a favourite by many because he/she makes an amazing all-round family dog with his/her loving temperament. He/she is fantastic with young children and he/she is very social with other dogs ☀ ⚡

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