Dog Ears

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Have you looked at your dog’s ears? They are so different in shape and sizes!

We count at least 18 muscles in a dog’s ear, these muscles are here to tilt, raise and rotate the ear as the dog listens towards different directions. The ears move independently to each other, this is great body language, almost like our hands!

If you are careful, you can observe the following:

  • Erected ears = he/she is fully engaged
  • Pulled-back ears = he/she is feeling content
  • Tight ears = he/she is scared, sometimes it is a sign of shyness

Remember that your dog can hear high-frequency noise such as digital alarms. If you are playing an instrument he/she can feel vibrations and sound, see how he/she behaves to establish if this is a nuisance.

If you are unsure about a possible infection, for example from parasites or water, please take your dog to your vet for a close examination. The dog’s ear canal is L-shaped and the vet will be able to check it ☀  ⚡

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