Domestication of Dogs

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Many believe the domestication of dogs took place over 15,000 years ago, we have been breeding hundreds of different types of dog breeds. Some of these dogs are much stronger than others. t is also good to know that dogs are related to wolves, foxes and jackals.

A behaviour which is the same in domesticated dogs and in wild relatives includes burying bones for example. In the wild, this is associated with keeping meat safe for access later. Our pets have retained this behaviour and occasionally bury toys and items they feel close to which can be amusing.

Dogs come in many sizes and they also come from the same species- Canis familiaris.

Nowadays dogs are our companions who form part of our family. We also see dogs herding other animals, dogs support with hunting activities, they guard households very efficiently, they support the police workforce in places such as airports, they are seen rescuing in the most remote locations worldwide, and they are seen guiding blind individuals.

Dogs are eager to learn which is an important part of their development not only to please their owners but also for their mental stimulation.

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