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David Beckham was supposedly close to being sent to the doghouse last week after insisting that the family brings their Cocker Spaniel Olive to a photo shoot. You may have seen that the famous family were on the cover of Vogue UK this week, looking cool and collected as always. However, apparently tensions rose during the shoot when Olive started getting raucous and decided to jump into the river. Pretty standard behaviour for a dog. The trouble arose when the now wet dog was keen to play with his family, all of whom were clothed in expensive designer clothes. Wet dogs and fashion perhaps isn’t the best pairing at times! Olive is no stranger to the lime light though. In 2015, Olive created her own Instagram account (clever girl), which has since amounted over 71,000 followers! What’s more, it seems that the Beckhams are adding to their canine family with Brooklyn sharing a picture of new puppy Fig yesterday as if the family weren’t photogenic enough.

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