Discovering Dogs through London: The Afghan Hound, EmmanuelleChaix Reports

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London is famously a multi-cultural melting pot, and all the better for it. However, this is no longer just referring to us,Β homo sapiens. It seems we are constantly being treated to some incredible breeds and personalities from our canine friends. With the new plethora of breeds on offer throughout the city, it is worth looking into some of these exciting animals in greater detail.

One of the first breeds I encountered, which I was keen to found out more about, was the Afghan Hound or the Tazi. It actually shouldn’t have been a surprise seeing one however, as they are excellent city dogs. They are incredibly social with other dogs and they thrive in a home atmosphere, whilst being able to be left alone. It would also be criminal not to mention their incredible luxurious coats. It is worth noting however, to anyone interested in the breed, that these coats demand a great deal of maintenance.

An Unknown fact about the Afghan Hound is that it is widely considered to be one of the most ancient breeds, having been first bred over two thousand years ago by the nomadic peoples of North India, Pakistan and, of course, Afghanistan. However, sadly due to famously nasty and destructive conquests, by the likes of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan, over these regions, much of this great history has been lost. What we do know is that they were considered skilled hunters with art found depicting them hunting antelope and even leopards. The breed first made its way onto British shores in the 19th century, with British soldiers bringing them back from the Middle East.

It is hard not to be drawn in by the breed’s unique eloquence. Their sassy independence matched by their loyalty, and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing more of their glamour throughout the city.

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