Millie, our French Bulldog, enjoying dog Day Care

Millie is our sweet French Bulldog, she loves her dog Day Care with EmmanuelleChaix, giving her diversity and the opportunity to meet and interact with other dogs and people, as well as relaxing in her own time.

We took Millie from her place today and we went for some time out around Brook Green park.

Then later on, we went to Holland Park for a slow time. Millie was quite affected by the heat so we sprinkled some water on her, gave her some to drink too, and made sure we walked in the shade.

French Bulldogs sometimes find it harder to breathe because of their nose and so Millie may at times be bothered by the hot weather we sometimes have!

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Millie, our French Bulldog, during dog Day Care

Millie, our French Bulldog, during dog Day Care

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