Chester, the handsome Border Collie, with Georgie, the fun crossbreed Golden Retriever/Labrador, during their dog Stay-and-Care boarding

Chester, is the rather handsome Border Collie! And Georgie, the fun crossbreed Golden Retriever/Labrador, is one of his best friend!!

Chester is very playful and usually an obedient sheep dog, he may sometimes jump at people out of excitement, although he has been getting much better at sitting and nicely waiting to get their attention! Georgie is a rescued dog and she has developed a strong bond with him, they enjoy playing and generally get along really well. Georgie trusts him and is always excited to see him. Stay-and-Care boarding allows them to build their confidence in one another.

Their time out went very well, throwing sticks and playing searching games with them which they absolutely love.

Georgie is a big softy, and Chester is an easy going companion and gives the best cuddles!!

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