Max, our Weimaraner, with Ollie, our handsome Cocker Spaniel, for their dog Day Care and dog Walking !

Yesterday, Max the Weimaraner, was picked-up from his house for his dog Day Care.

We went on the bus to Chiswick House and Gardens.Β Max was whistling a little bit at the start but was fine once we got going.

We used his favourite toy which has a string which he loved. Some friendly dogs tried to take it from him so he waited in his usual non-confrontational manner for them to finish playing with it.

We then took Max to Ollie’s place, Ollie is the handsome Cocker Spaniel.

Ollie was excited to see us. Max was a little anxious because he had to wait for Ollie to be ready, but he soon calmed down.

We took them to Wormholt Park together. Max saw his fellow Weimaraner friend Esta, who he likes a lot, and Ollie explored the area by himself mostly ! A perfect day !

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