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Ashley has learnt a lot about looking after dogs, including their behaviour patterns, interaction techniques, and recognizing unique quirks. Here you can read about him and what his interests are, EmmanuelleChaix is happy to introduce him to the team.

Since working at EmmanuelleChaix,  he feels it has given him a lot of skills he didn’t have before, and that he can further improve upon in the future. For example Ashley learnt how to get a dog’s attention, obtaining obedience, how to interact with other owners’ dogs while walking, dog handling techniques, and various other skills that have really helped him understand dogs a lot more.

The dogs Ashley previously walked are Teddy, a Rough Collie, and Dibbles, a Yorkshire Terrier. Walking them gave him a lot of joy as he loves looking after pets and gets fulfilment out of doing it. Ashley enjoys outdoor and sporty activities, which is ideal for taking care of the dogs at EmmanuelleChaix.

Ashley hopes to always be gaining a better relationship with all dogs at EmmanuelleChaix, for both of his and the dogs’ enjoyment.

He also took an Animal course which was focusing on learning about cats as he wants to gets to understand his cat Spike better! The course also talked about dogs, their behaviour and psychology. At EmmanuelleChaix, he has been able to apply the theoretical side hands-on with our dogs, Ashley is glad he is working with a lot more dogs than before as it is giving him excellent awareness into how different each dog can be, how we need to cater to their different requirements, and how aware at all times we should be so we can make accurate judgment calls while walking them and at their homes.

Ashley is thrilled to be working at EmmanuelleChaix and he enjoys the company of our dogs, in particular, Max, the Weimaraner, and Ziggy, the crossbreed Pug/Cocker Spaniel/French Bulldog/Boston Terrier, as they are very reciprocal, affectionate and full of energy. He also enjoys getting to know the other dogs and their personalities of course. Ashley is very much looking forward to building upon his bond with the dogs and to having lots of fun times with them.

His motivation for wanting to walk dogs is a genuine love for them, and to also do something outside and physically active which he is highly passionate about.

Besides walking and caring for EmmanuelleChaix’ dogs, Ashley has a passion for music and festivals, reading both fiction and non-fiction books, meditation, working out, and health and wellbeing as it affects every area of your life, physically, mentally and how you treat others. He mainly does resistance training and cardio, along with high intensity interval training at least four times a week. As well as that, Ashley plays five a side football every week with a team of friends purely for fun. 

Ashley also used to worked as a Chef, so he can cook delicious tasty and healthy dishes!

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