Meet Bertha !🌞

– Content and Marketing Coordinator, Press Office at EmmanuelleChaix
Here is a little snapshot of Bertha with Ziggy, the crossbreed Pug/Cocker Spaniel/ French Bulldog/Boston Terrier, our very cute and friendly dog during his dog Day care.

Ziggy seemed really happy to see Bertha and that made her happy too!

At the park, Ziggy made two friends. The first one was a very social dog; Ziggy kept his tail moving and they both were having fun for a bit. The second dog was a bit anxious, Ziggy also appeared to be slightly nervous at first, but they eventually managed to interact really well! It was cute and they will surely meet again!
Bertha has always been surrounded by dogs throughout her entire life. Her family has always been caring and loving towards them, and she developed her love and interest in looking after them. Bertha believes dogs also deserve the respect and care in the same way humans do.
In her country, Peru, Bertha was used to take her dogs for a walk, they were really playful and she enjoyed those times shared with each of them. Bertha explains it is really interesting how dogs have different needs, just like us, and how they get along with things, in general.
Bertha’s hobbies and interests in her spare time include going to the gym, being outdoors and going to the park, socialising, festivals and parades. She loves reading and languages. Bertha also enjoys a swim and keeping up with current affairs.
Bertha has always wanted to be part of something which includes taking care of animals and she finds it amazing that she finally went for something.
EmmanuelleChaix is pleased to have her and looking forward to hearing more of her stories!
 © EmmanuelleChaix 

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