Travelling by car with your puppy and dog

You may wonder how to get your puppy and dog used to car travel, so below are a few points to follow.

It is important to keep your dog safe when travelling: secure him/her behind a dog guard or on the back seat with a seat belt.

To get your dog used to travelling in your car, introduce him/her to the car from an early age.

  • Let him/her explore inside your parked car in his/her own time, under supervision in a safe area.
  • Leave the doors open so he/she can come and go as he/she pleases and reward his/her relaxed behaviour.
  • Gradually build-up from this: first, get him/her used to the seat belt.
  • Then turn the engine on to help him/her get used to the noise.
  • When he/she is comfortable with this, go for a short drive.

Secure your dog behind a dog guard, on the back seat with a seat belt, or in a secure tube when travelling in a vehicle.

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