How Maya, the poo-sniffing new recruit dog🐶, is helping protect 🐨koalas

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Scientists in Australia have come up with a pretty interesting way of tracking down koalas.

You can view the video here to see Maya, the poo-sniffing new recruit, in action.

The cute marsupials are an endangered species across the country but now it’s hoped koala tracking dogs might be able to help.

More than 80% of koala population have already been lost in the area of South East Queensland because of disease, dog attacks,  and roads. New developments decrease koalas habitat.

Dogs can smell what we can’t see. Finding koalas’ poo helps know their habitat is and protect these locations. It also contributes towards finding out about koalas’ health.

Maya loves her job helping researchers, she is 20% faster, and she is 150% more accurate than humans at it.

They have been trained to sniff out koala poo which smells different from other types of poo.

Maya was abandoned and was going to be put down, but she was exactly wad the team was looking for as a detection dog. She is a great addition to the research community in Australia.

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