Millie the French Bulldog, out and about for her dog Day Care🌷

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Here is more of Millie our French Bulldog, for her dog Day Care!

Millie spent time outdoors along the river today, going towards Chiswick.

It is a very scenic place and the path becomes like a nature trail if you go far enough. Millie seemed to enjoy herself and was excited to get going at times.

Millie is feeling comfortable which is really nice to see. After following the river, we turned back and headed to the park near the river. We relaxed for a little bit and Millie was watching all the things going on in the park and looked pretty relaxed. We then walked back to Millie’s home, and as soon as she was off her lead, she still wanted to play with her toys!

It was a really nice afternoon.

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Millie the female French Bulldog out

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