Bafo, Rusty and Max out and about!

Today Bafo the Staffordshire Bull Terrier went to Brook Green for some early morning exercise.

We played fetch for a while and Bafo explored the area. After a short time a Pug and a Terrier came into the park and Bafo was so excited to meet them. All the dogs played fetch! Bafo was really enjoying himself racing all the other dogs.

Rusty the Chihuahua/Chinese mix was then collected and he seemed happy at the bus stop.

We then took a walk to Ravenscourt Park. Both Bafo and Rusty seemed very excited to be out and on the way to the next adventure of the day. The park is a very green and woody space with lots of area for the dogs to explore. Max also joined in, he is a beautiful brown/grey Weimaraner.

Bafo was running about and he was exploring everywhere. Once Rusty had been there for a little while he was happy enough to explore on his own and when other dogs came nearby he went to greet them all by himself. At one point he was so happy he was dribbling!!

Bafo and Max were happy to play fetch with the ball, explore and meet all the new dogs they had encountered in the park. After we had been in the park for a while we made our way back to Brook Green. A fun day today!!

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