Bafo, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and Rusty, the crossbreed Chihuahua/Chinese, update on their dog Stay-and-Care and dog Day Care!

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Bafo, the full male Staffordshire Bull Terrier, first went out to Holland Park to explore.

We then went to collecting Rusty, the crossbreed Chihuahua/Chinese, at the bus stop where his owner drops him off.

Bafo was so pleased to see his new friend he got very excited! We went to Brook Green where Bafo wanted to play with toys and to meet new canine friends that were also in the park, he is full of so much energy and he is so friendly. Bafo is really happy when he meets other dogs. Rusty also was happily exploring the area and met a few canine friends of his own.

After we left Brook Green, we went back to Holland Park. They had a really good run around the park and seemed to have fun. We then had more time outdoors near Hammersmith!

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usty the Chihuahua/Chinese mix, Bafo the Stafforshire Bull Terrier out in the park

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