Start of the week for Bafo the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Maria says,

Bafo is a beautiful and bouncy grey and white Staffie.

I was greeted by him with a smile and such excitement to be out in the park on the lovely sunny morning.

We first went around Brook Green park, then we walked to Holland Park where once Bafo came of the lead he knew this was his chance to play and make new friends with other dogs and people in the park. He wanted to say hello to everybody and explore everywhere. He was like a rocket going here, there and everywhere! We played ball where he would wait and then run as fast as he could to get the ball. He had lots of fun and didnt want to leave!

Later in the day after rest and refuel of food and water we went to check out Ravenscourt Park. Bafo was so eager to get there and explore. We went around the park and then had a relaxing time back as it was starting to get hot.

Bafo seemed to enjoy all his time outdoors today, and playing, and meeting new canine companions.

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