Deaf puppies Aero, Wispa and Kinder will make eggcellent pets this Easter, they are looking for homes!

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A very cute litter of deaf puppies, named after chocolate bars, are looking for a home, can you help?

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe is currently training the three adorable 10-week-old Collie puppies called Aero, Wispa and Kinder because they arrived at the centre just before Easter.

“It would be very beneficial for the pups to learn from another good natured dog who could teach them how to behave. This affectionate threesome can live with young children and would suit an active home with calm, patient owners who have the energy to keep up with their boundless enthusiasm.”

The cheeky trio found themselves at Dogs Trust as an unwanted litter, which staff suspect may be due to the fact that they suffer from congenital deafness.

This condition is not uncommon in white dogs and often results in many puppies such as these ending up in rescue centres or abandoned when breeders are unable to sell or find homes for them.

However the Dogs Trust never puts a healthy dog down and will care for a dog for as long as it takes them to find new homes.

While they may not have their hearing, the Trust said the pups aren’t lacking when it comes to their personalities.

They are a happy, playful bunch and have already become firm favourites with staff who have been caring for them round-the-clock as they help get them used to their surroundings.

The pups are now ready to find families of their own and are looking for owners who understand the training involved in teaching a deaf puppy.

Dogs Trust Ilfracombe rehoming centre manager Elise Watson said: “Our Easter puppies are such super characters who have made so many friends here at the rehoming centre – they are just like any other playful, happy puppies and I know they will make fantastic pets for loving owners willing to devote the time and patience needed to carry out their training.

“The full support of our behaviour team will be given to their new families to help train them to learn sign language to ensure they are able to become family members just like any other dog. We really hope that they will not be overlooked just because they are deaf as they are such sweet little characters who would make very rewarding pets in the right homes.”

Tom Candy, training and behaviour advisor at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe added: “When training deaf dogs, we use the same hand signals used to guide hearing dogs. The main difference is we have to be a bit more inventive when it comes to gaining their attention but by using reward based methods it is perfectly possible to train a deaf dog to respond to numerous commands.

If you would like to offer a home to Kinder, Wispa, Aero or any of the dogs at Dogs Trust Ilfracombe, call the Rehoming Centre directly on 0300 303 0292.

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