Raw Intuitive Talent– Californian Brian Agnew, 2016

Dog Training course June 30 – July 3 2016

Why not attend this rather special and exciting four-day dog training workshop in Oxfordshire in the summer. Brian Agnew is the well known Californian dog behaviourist and trainer. He will be providing training for Raw Intuitive Talent – The Missing Link.

The workshop is spread over four days, it is hands-on and designed to meet your specific needs.

Brian will show you how to understand your dog’s issues through his/her eyes. This process enables you to develop Raw Intuitive Talent. Additional information can be found here.

Some of the topics covered during the workshop include:

  • Interpretation of your dog’s issues
  • Perfect lead work
  • Dog aggression and reactivity
  • Socialise dogs
  • Drives
  • Effective strategies
  • Physical or psychological compliance
  • Perfecting spatial, lead, tactile and psychological pressure
  • Nutrition and fitness

You can attend with your dog or by yourself.

Spaces are limited, check availability by making contact.

Accommodation options are available at the time of booking so you can make the appropriate planning.

Dog playing


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