Your dog and accidents

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It is normal for puppies to have minor accidents. In fact, soiling accidents are unavoidable in the early days of training, even if you keep a constant eye on her/him. There are always soiling accidents inside your home before your puppy gets to grasp what you are asking his/her to do. Stay calm and make sure you address each situation so that in the long term the bad habits have disappeared. This is not a life or death situation.

When it comes to injuries, when dogs are outside chasing toys, running around and playing, your dog is exposed to many accidents. But we simply cannot stop an exercise routine on this basis. You, just like any other dog owner, cannot prevent an accident from occurring at all times of day and night.

When you leave your dog and puppy at home without supervision, remember that he/she is actually alone! It is important that you make sure your household is clear from any hazard and potential items which he/she might decide to play and entertain himself/herself with. For example items such as plastic bags including dog food packaging, must be kept away in a secure place. Be aware that your dog might enjoy trying to reach for their food that is kept in a cupboard – make sure he/she cannot access the bag to avoid a game turning into asphyxiation.

Make sure your dog has a pet insurance which will cover him/her for accidents and for treatments as needed.

Know your veterinary practice procedures for making contact and for turning up in case of an emergency. Make sure of course that you have registered your dog and puppy to a clinic, this is piece of mind for all these times out and about, as well as for routine appointments ☀  ⚡

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