Pulling on the lead

– Content and Marketing Coordinator, Press Office at EmmanuelleChaix

The main reasons for a dog to pull on the lead are as follow:

  • Excitement, hurry to get moving
  • Your dog might enjoy controlling the situation, he/she might even take the lead and control the speed you walk!
  • Seeing another dog, across the road, in the distance, on a bench, anywhere! That’s exciting!
  • Fear for example of being outside, you can be sure he/she will pull on the lead on the way back home to feel safe
  • A bicycle, squateboard, any trigger usually moving
  • The type of lead you use might not suit your dog, it is important for him/her to feel there is no lead when walking with you for example, combining leads can be a way forward both for you and for your dog

Work towards a relaxing walk where the lead is not a necessity but is here for safety ☀  ☀  ⚡

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