Dog Compatibility with Other Dogs

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Which dog gets on better with which? Sometimes the rule applies, sometimes it doesn’t, let’s be clear, it totally depends on your dog’s personality and way of life in social situations.

However, some breeds have similar and compatible temperaments. It is useful to be aware of this if you are willing to be cautious about stress levels, chaos and drama.

Your dog might feel inclined to socialise and play with specific breeds whilst in the park, often it is more about who is turning up and who isn’t. And adjusting to the situations accordingly. Your reassurance towards the attitude of your dog, for example being gentle and kind towards the other dog/s, helps a lot. Remember to participate in the interaction between him/her and the other dog/s.

Below are some of the dogs which are known to be easy going and big on the social dog scene:

  • Cavalier – known to be affectionate, quiet and sweet
  • Golden Retriever – known to be obedient and devoted
  • Labrador – known to be obedient, devoted, calm and willing to please
  • Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen – known to be a friendly explorer
  • Harrier – known to be tolerant, reserved and outgoing
  • Black and Tan Coonhound – known to be calm, reserved, tolerant and gentle
  • Havanese – known to be eager to please and affectionate
  • Bernese Mountain dog – known to be easy going, sensitive, devoted and calm
  • Irish Setter – known to be good-natured
  • Norfolk Terrier – known to be inquisitive
  • Briard – known to be loving, faithful and willing to please

These dogs are also usually good with children, other pets at home, and meeting strangers because of their kind nature ☀  ⚡

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