I relied on the services of EmmanuelleChaix in October and November for my West Highland White Terrier Brus prior to us moving to France and I do not know what I would have done without them. I met EmmanuelleChaix through a friend who relied on their services for his dog and who highly recommended them. I called them immediately. They did everything from working with Brus on some of his socializing issues to training him to walking him. I completely trust them with Brus. They love him and it shows in how he responds to them. After boarding Brus with EmmanuelleChaix on two counts during week long overseas trips I had to make, I was walking Brus on the evening of Diwali festival celebrations in Holland Park and the fireworks frightened him and he ran away. He was missing for twelve hours. At 6am the next morning he showed up at the doorstep of EmmanuelleChaix and there is really no higher testament than this for how good EmmanuelleChaix is. When Emmanuelle had two hours left in Nice before returning to the UK last month, she came to visit Brus and I in Nice and brought him a toy gift which was very thoughtful and sweet of her and Brus was very happy and excited to see her and he also loved his gift which pushed all his ratter instincts. When she left us for the airport, Brus kept turning back to see why she was no longer with us and with a sad face. If anyone wants to talk to me to get further information, just let EmmanuelleChaix know and they will give you my phone number.

What I appreciated most about EmmanuelleChaix was how much they went above and beyond what I was paying for. They have constantly given me pointers and resources on how to best train and handle Brus, have kept an eye on alternative dog food options for Brusโ€™s sensitive stomach and even caught what turned out to be a potential dental problem in Brusโ€™s mouth. This, in addition to just how thorough and detailed their socialization recaps were, made me feel very pleased with my decision to introduce them into Brusโ€™s life.

Bassam A. T.