Services that are as unique as your dog :

Balanced Food for Dogs

EmmanuelleChaix provides a dietary advice and performance guidance service We will signpost you in the right direction to satisfy your dog and puppy’s health and appetite and for him/her to feel his/her best at all times There are options to fit in with your lifestyle, from choosing from the best quality balanced dry food to opting for wet diet … Continue reading Balanced Food for Dogs

Dog Health and Wellbeing

EmmanuelleChaix delivers on the following activities: Dog Relaxation and de-stress massage service Dog Yoga and energy healing service Dog Rehabilitation service for mobility and cognitive functions stability Dog Welfare and wellbeing service Canine chiropractic referrals Natural and holistic remedies for dogs and referrals Dog acupuncture and complementary therapies referrals service Hydrotherapy referrals These activities enable your dog and puppy to … Continue reading Dog Health and Wellbeing


EmmanuelleChaix membership provide their clientele with special annual packages designed to your unique needs for ongoing services The membership also benefits from the best monitoring feedback for ultimate performance in all areas across all services; from: Walking, to Grooming Nail clipping Hygiene Health and wellbeing Training Holidays and breaks Click, purchase, collect for stimulation and goods Balanced food Stay-and-care … Continue reading Membership