☀Electric Shock Collars for Dogs to be Banned

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Electric collars which shock dogs into submission are to be banned from sale in Britain following campaigning from animal rights groups. This is great news!

Remotely controlled training devices such as e-collars or shock collars  can trigger an electronic pulse of up to 6,000 volts to a dog’s neck, and they can shock an animal for up to 11 seconds at a time, according to the Dogs Trust.

Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, is expected to announce this week that the barbaric devices will no longer be licensed for sale.

Michael Gove added: “We are a nation of animal-lovers.”

“This ban will improve the welfare of animals and I urge pet owners to instead use positive-reward training methods.”

Environment officials said that as well as being misused to inflict unnecessary harm and suffering, there was also evidence that e-collars can redirect aggression or generate anxiety -based behaviour in dogs – worsening underlying behavioural and health problems.

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