⚡ Our crossbreed Pug/Cocker Spaniel/French Bulldog/Boston Terrier Ziggy, and our Border Collie Chester! For their dog Day Care!!

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We took Ziggy, our crossbreed Pug/Cocker Spaniel/French Bulldog/Boston Terrier, and Chester, our Border Collie, to Ravenscourt Park.

Ziggy had a nice time exploring while we threw toys for Chester.

They found some new friends including a Cockapoo called Luna who gave them a real chase around the dog park. Ziggy saw his friend Gus and they had a nice time playing, tiring each other out.

Later on, we took Ziggy to Green Park for a slower more relaxed walk after lots of running earlier on. He saw quite a few dogs and he behaved himself well, we let him know when he was good!

A great dog Day Care!


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