🐻Our dogs’ eyes

An entire word can be found in the eyes of a dog. 🐻🐻   Our website to Contact us / subscribe: Make Contact      ⚡    EmmanuelleChaix.com ⚡     ♦️🌐⭕  EmmanuelleChaix’ Instagram: ⚡ emmanuellechaixdogs ⚡ ♦️🌐⭕  Our YouTube to subscribe 🐺: ⚡ EmmanuelleChaix ⚡ ♦️🌐⭕ ♦️♦️  Ou' Facebook to follow: EmmanuelleChaixDogs ⚡ 🔴🔷⬛️🔆  Our Twitter to follow:  ⚡ chaixemmanuelle⚡ ♦️♦️⭕ Courtesy of Liza, thank … Continue reading 🐻Our dogs’ eyes

Puppy love?

- Content and Marketing Coordinator, Press Office at EmmanuelleChaix Your dog feels content and more settled when he/she knows they have accomplished something. They also feel down when someone or another dog they know has passed away. It is important to show love to your dog and puppy to create joy and happiness in your dog's life. … Continue reading Puppy love?