My dog’s Smiling!😻

Some dogs exhibit a grin-like behaviour towards humans as if smiling, with their lips retracted vertically and horizontally exposing the teeth. Keep an eye for this. Your dog is smiling! EmmanuelleChaix’ Website:⚡⚡ ☀️ EmmanuelleChaix’ Instagram:⚡emmanuellechaixdogs ⚡ ♦️⭕✴ Our Facebook to follow:⚡EmmanuelleChaixDogs ⚡ ⬛️ To subscribe to EmmanuelleChaix’ YouTube:⚡EmmanuelleChaix ⚡ ♦️⭕ ♦️️♦️ Our Twitter to follow:⚡chaixemmanuelle … Continue reading My dog’s Smiling!😻