🔦Is Your Dog Coughing?

Coughing during movement or exercise is a possible cause for heart disease or congestion of the lungs. You can have your dog checked at the vet. 💫 EmmanuelleChaix’ Website:⚡EmmanuelleChaix.com⚡ ☀️ EmmanuelleChaix’ Instagram:⚡emmanuellechaixdogs ⚡ ♦️⭕✴ Our Facebook to follow:⚡EmmanuelleChaixDogs ⚡ ⬛️ To subscribe to EmmanuelleChaix’ YouTube:⚡EmmanuelleChaix ⚡ ♦️⭕ ♦️️♦️ Our Twitter to follow:⚡chaixemmanuelle ⚡ ⬛️♦️⭕ #EmmanuelleChaix … Continue reading 🔦Is Your Dog Coughing?