Professional Dog Photography and Filming

EmmanuelleChaix offer indoor photo shoots with dedicated Photographer Ranj and designs outstanding high-end creative imaging and filming outdoors with talented photo/filming expert Xav

A Weimaraner male for a photo shootYou can view photos below to give you an idea of what can be done in various indoor and studio settings, and outdoors

Ranj enjoys a challenge and is keen to take on any creative project, discuss this with us through our Contact form

The photographs are an exciting way of spending time with your dog if you wish to be in the pictures, or to have unique portraits and indoor creative shots which can be printed and framed to any size, from small to very large

A young Staffordshire Bull Terrier male for a photo shoot

Xav is the talented and avid Director, Producer, Actor and Photographer, the man behind the lens who creates innovative imaging including films, his job is to capture moments. Dogs and puppies love Xav

EmmanuelleChaix provide a one of its kind professional service for the following:

  • Photo shoots
  • Portrait studio photography
  • Portfolio builder for TV or personal use
  • Fashion shoots
  • Photo shoots for magazines
  • Creative filming
  • Film and video casting

You choose

  • Your preferred setting
  • Who takes part
  • Your location

EmmanuelleChaix help you achieve the best photography and filming material

Ask us to capture a serie of unique photographs and one-off creative filming to your requirements, for the design of your home interior, gift ideas, and for all visuals including photo stills and film stills

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