Dog Walking and Exercise

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EmmanuelleChaix is the crème de la crème for dog walking and exercise

We ensure your dog and puppy have the best experience

We pick-up your dog from your home or workplace on the days your dog needs a walk and on an ongoing basis.Dalmatian

We provide mainly a one-on-one service

We consider your dog’s personality so he/she gets the most out of each walk

We also do group social dog walks, pack walks, and countryside walks

Your dog socialises whilst out and about during our socialisation walks

Each walk stimulates your dog physically and mentally at his/her pace

We use quality dog toys for play times and for dog games to stimulate him/her mentally and physically

Your dog shares fun times with the best dog walkers in London at her/his pace

We tailor for all dog ages, dog sizes, and dog health conditions including dogs with injuries and dogs in rehabilitation

We also offer a Running/sporty service and a Targeted exercise regime service for your dog to release his/her energy levels

We can combine dog Walking with dog Day care.

You schedule to fit with your day and on an ongoing basis

We go to the River Thames banks and to many parks including Hyde Park, Holland Park, Brook Green, Ravenscourt Park, Barnes Park, Putney Heath, Bishop’s Park, Wandsworth Park, South Park, and Green Park

Areas we especially cover include Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Fulham, Hammersmith, and Shepherd’s Bush

We drop-off your dog while you are at work for ease

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