A Range of Services

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We discuss the options:

  1. LOCATION London parks and beyond
  2. With us in a home setting
  3. At your home
  4. In a selected country cottage
  5. EXERCISE Tailored Walking
  6. Group social dog/pack walks/countryside walks
  7. Dog Running/sporty service
  8. Dedicated enclosed exercise and training area
  9. Targeted exercise regime service
  10. DAY TIME Dog Day care service with time when your dog/s is back at home/your address to rest alone during the course of the dayFrench Bulldog
  11. TRAINING Adaptable programmes to identify the gaps and strengths to focus on and gain from with a bespoke activity calendar
  12. One-on-one puppy school including socialisation
  13. Structured dog training programmes
  14. Puppy and adult training
  15. Bonding development service
  16. Agility building
  17. COACHING An initial assessment and evaluation process
  18. Advice, signposting and coaching service in English/en Francais in person or through distance communications worldwide
  19. Online chat service
  20. WhatsApp training with Step-by-step service
  21. GROOMING A mobile dog beauty and grooming service
  22. Brushing teeth service
  23. Bathing service
  24. PHOTOGRAPHS AND FILMS Professional dog Photography shoots
  25. Portrait studio photography
  26. Portfolio builder for TV or personal use
  27. Fashion shoots
  28. Photo shoots for magazines
  29. Creative professional dog Filming
  30. Film and video casting
  31. START-UP AND RELOCATING Transportation service between Paris and London
  32. Start-up checklist service when travelling and relocating to the UK and to London
  33. Start-up checklist service for new puppies
  34. EVENTS AND LEARNING Interactive dog owners gatherings, social walks, speaker forums and courses, and events in London and further afield
  35. EASE Pick-up and drop-off service
  36. Taxi service for veterinary visits and for transportation
  37. HEALTH AND WELL-BEING Relaxation and de-stress massage service
  38. Dog yoga and energy healing service
  39. Rehabilitation service for mobility and cognitive functions stability
  40. Welfare and well-being service
  41. Natural and holistic remedies and referrals
  42. Acupuncture and complementary therapies referrals service
  43. Hydrotherapy referrals
  44. BALANCED FOOD Dog dietary advice and performance guidance service
  45. CLICK, PURCHASE AND COLLECT Click, purchase and collect service for selected high-end food and diet, treats, play and stimulation items
  46. EVENING Dog Sitting service
  47. BOARDING Dog Stay-and-care boarding options
  48. HOLIDAY AND BUSINESS House-sit service
  49. Follow-up and training guidance service post Stay-and-care boarding
  50. PUPPY Find and choose a puppy service
  51. Dog Microchipping service
  52. Assessment for a safe home environment service
  53. TRAVEL BETWEEN FRANCE AND THE UK Travel with your dog/s between Paris and London and anywhere nearby or en route
  54. MEDICAL Emergency out-of-hours assistance referrals with French assistance service
  55. Veterinary and medical referrals service
  56. AD-HOC To support your lifestyle, services on request


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