🌞SOS Rescue – Help Save This Dog Rescue Shelter

This rescue shelter in Romania will be closed in 12 days, they only need £5,000 to be able to move to a new location.

#KellisaAnimalRescue #helpathand #rescueddogs #lovedogs💛

This will allow 236 dogs to live – otherwise they will most likely be put to sleep.

🐻You can Donate and Share on the link below 👇, even £1 makes a difference and is welcome.


Our website to Contact us / subscribe:
EmmanuelleChaix.com⚡ ♦️🌐⭕
Make Contact https://emmanuellechaix.com/dog-care/make-contact/

EmmanuelleChaix’ Instagram:
instagram.com/emmanuellechaixdogs⚡ ♦️🌐⭕

Our Facebook to follow:
https://www.facebook.com/EmmanuelleChaixDogs⚡ 🔴🔷⬛️🔆

To subscribe🐺to EmmanuelleChaix’ YouTube:
youtube.com/channel/UCSxyc9Z2jE6Bxxfkask0g7g⚡ ♦️🌐⭕♦️♦️

Our Twitter to follow:

⚡ https://twitter.com/chaixemmanuelle ⚡ ♦️♦️⭕♦️🌐

Thanks to Melanie Howarth for trying to help.

© EmmanuelleChaix

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