During This World Vegan Month, What Is A Vegan? 🐾

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A way to explain the vegan concept is to define what vegan means, and then look at how and why the word came into existence.

A vegetarian diet is commonly understood to exclude meat and fish, but to include eggs and dairy. The word vegan takes cuts out every item of animal origin. Vegan refers to anything that is free of animal products: for example, no meat, milk, eggs, wool, leather, honey.

Veganism carries at least three potential advantages:

  1. avoidance of animal mistreatment and slaughter
  2. elimination of certain health risks
  3. reduction of environmental footprint

Can you become a vegan through diet alone? Absolutely, since, as we will see in the next section, vegan was originally defined purely in dietary terms.

No matter the degree to which you ultimately embrace the vegan concept, it makes sense to begin your transition by emphasizing dietary choices. After all, unless you buy a new fur coat every winter, the overwhelming majority of animal use associated with your life almost certainly arises from your food choices.

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